Monkey Sick

If you have a pressing deadline

Release the pressure by doing one of two things

First, however, decide which one of the two things is your priority

No pressure, decide now

If you are writing a book about productivity

And find you have writer’s block

That’s ironic

Or perhaps you’re pettifogging about the cover.

A jigsaw puzzle is only a puzzle if you care about completing someone else’s picture

And other easy, meaningless, duck billed platitudes

If someone says “we need a clean solution” ask what’s wrong with a dirty solution

A solution is a solution

Unless there’s side effects, and then it’s not a solution

It’s just an explosion of unmetered consequences, that’ll end up in your inbox

Also, there are no clean solutions; as that idea marks a wrapped up end

And ends have a habit of poking out

And last

It’s easy to appear gnostic

if you use


breaks wisely

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